New Schoolyear - College/Vocational Education

3 scenarios

As an educational institution, you can get started with Holmwood's in 3 different ways. Each way has pros and cons. We list them for you below. In all cases, make sure Holmwood's knows which way you choose. This has consequences for the layout of your account. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

1. As an educational institution, you purchase the licenses.

If you, as an educational institution, purchase the licenses directly from Holmwood's, order the desired number of licenses prior to the new academic year. To get started with your students, read these instructions or ask Holmwood's to enroll your students. With this variant, you as a teacher/school have the most control.

2. The student logs in and pays

This variant is very similar to variant 1, with the only difference that the student pays at the first login. Make sure you pass on the correct number to Holmwood's prior to the school year. With this option you have a lot of control, the only thing that can go wrong is the payment by the student, think of a card or forgotten mobile.

3. The student buys the license himself via a webshop (Studers / MBO webshop)

Students purchase their own license through a supplier of educational materials, such as Studers, MBO, etc.. The various web shops and Holmwoods use the "eduroute". When logging in from the webshop, something can sometimes go wrong, so that students cannot get started right away.

PS. Even if students buy the licenses themselves, it is important that Holmwood's knows this and receives an estimate from you of the number of students that Holmwood's will start working on.

What do you need to know and do as a teacher?

1. Create the classes (Holmwood's administrator*1)

To ensure that the students end up in the correct classes, create the classes in the Holmwood's administration environment before the students log in. If you also used Holmwood's in the past year, there is a good chance that the class names will remain (largely) the same. Add a new class (name) if necessary.

Also link the classes to (1) the subscription (via School management > Subscriptions) and (2) to the relevant teachers (via Management > Classes).

If you also used Holmwood's in the past school year, all (existing) students are already linked to a class. To ensure that they are linked to the correct (new) class at the start of the new school year, we recommend that you disconnect all students from their current class.

2. Create the class code (administrator)

Create a class code per class that the teacher gives to the students. The students enter this code at 'How does it work for you as a student, step 4'. This puts the students in the correct class. The class code always has the same format; “H-” followed by 6 numbers/letters (eg H-9S9WUU).

3. Check/adjust course settings (administrator/teacher)

We recommend that you check/adjust the course settings before the  students first log in. The students can then get started immediately when they log in.

If you make no changes, a 'new' student will be given the entry test/level determination and an 'existing' student ( with progress from the preious year) will simply continue where they left off.

*1) Administrator or teacher?
Within Holmwood's we have 2 roles in addition to the 'student role'; Administrator and Teacher.
Each school has at least 1 administrator, but you can also have multiple administrators, for example an ICT person/application manager who mainly takes care of the technical matters and the section leader who often mainly takes care of the 'educational matters'. The role “teacher” speaks for itself.

How does it work for you as a student?

If you purchase the license yourself, read more below. In other cases, ask your teacher for help.


1. Go to the 'webshop' where you purchased the Holmwood's license

If you have purchased a license via MBO webshop, activate your license in the webshop and start your journey to Holmwoods from the webshop. If you need an explanation about the MBO webshop, look here.


If you only have an activation code, go to the following website and enter the code.


If you have a question about step 1, please contact the webshop.


2. Complete the fields

Regardless of which channel you purchase the license through, you will always receive the following screens with input fields (enter your school email and first and last name):




3. Validate your email address

After completing the above fields, you will receive a message from in your mailbox. Click on the link in that email. Don't see an email? Please check your spam box.


You will then be 'redirected' to Holmwood's learning environment.


If you have any questions or need help with steps 2 or 3, please contact


4. Getting started in Holmwoods

When you get the following screen after step 3, you can get started. If you don't see this, read further below this image.




A. If the class information is not included during a login session, you will be asked for a class code. Ask your teacher for this code, enter it and click “verify”. The class code always has the same format; “H-” followed by 6 numbers/letters (e.g. H-9S9WUU).


After entering your class code, check the school and class and click on “Login”.




B. You get the message "There are no courses assigned to your class". Please ask your teacher. Then you are linked to a class, but the class must still be linked to a subscription. The teacher can arrange this for you.


Sometimes you just need to refresh your screen or log in again and then you can get started.


Good luck studying!