From English Premium to Tweens

In Tweens, students continue where they left off in Premium.

To do this, do the following: 

  1. You let the students complete a unit in English Premium. The unit usually differs per student, depending on how far along the learning path he or she is.

2. You make an export of the classes in English Premium, select the type of result: exercises and exams, which records how far the students have come within English Premium.

3.Then you unlink the classes from English Premium and link the classes to Tweens

4. The administrator / teacher places his students at the correct level and in the correct unit (based on the export you created in step 1).

Please note the following:(a) The first unit in the Discoverers, Explorer and Pioneers levels is a repetition of the previous level. So move students forward 2 units in Tweens (instead of 1 unit). So from English Premium, Explorers, Unit 5 you move the student to Tweens, Explorers, unit 7.(b) Because in Tweens each level has 12 units, you can use the following for students who are in the last units of a level: