Ordering, renewing and requesting materials.

Order and renew:

To place an order, such as buying additional licenses, renewing the subscription or purchasing materials, go to Subscriptions in Management.


Depending on your situation, there are 4 options:
  1. You want to convert your trial license to a paid account and purchase the necessary materials.
  2. You have a paid license and you want to renew the license. Then the button “Renew” is available in the last 2 months of your current subscription.
  3. You want to purchase additional licenses, during the current term. The system calculates the price for the remaining period  and for the additional number of licenses you need.
  4. Order additional materials: you can order additional manuals or adventure books.
On the order page you can indicate what you want to order and for what period.
You can also enter the invoice details here. Make sure you are aware of the 'internal agreements' that apply at your school; order reference, correct billing address, email, etc..
After you have 'sent' the order form, we will start processing the order as soon as possible.

Book calls

With a number of products (e.g. Tweens, Tracks Full course) you are entitled to an adventure book with the license (or you have already ordered the manuals, but have not yet requested them). As soon as you know at which level the classroom lessons will be given, you can request the adventure books and manuals from us.


To do this: Go to Subscriptions > Orders in the dashboard. Go to the order that says: "Call books, specify the quantities" and click on the pencil. Here you can specify the desired books.




You will see how many licenses you have, and you can indicate here which quantities per level you want to receive.

If you0 have any questions while ordering, please feel free to contact us