Move Student


All courses except English Essentials

When a student is not at the correct level, you can move the student to another unit / different level.

Watch the video on how to adjust the levels.


Some guidelines:

1. Have the student do at least 50% of the first unit.

Red score (<55%): the student is probably working ( too far) above their level ( or does not understand the exercises). Green score and >90%: The level is probably too low. Do not simply move the student , but also take the following considerations into account: 

2. What is the student like (e.g. easy going, perfectionist, dyslexia)?

3. What does the student say about doing online exercises? (“Boring” is usually the signal that the level is too low.” I don't understand it at all” fits more at a high level).

4. What do you know about his level in the classroom? Based on the results of 2 – 5 you can adjust the level of the student.

If in doubt, consult a colleague or contact Holmwood's.