Some of my students' results seem to be missing

Tracks, Tweens, English Premium

An exercise is saved once the student presses the 'Finish' button. On the 'Results of exercises' page, you can see all exercises a student completed. Every activity the  student does is saved in a log file. Results can't disappear or be removed from the overview or from the log file.

English Essentials

In English Essentials, there is a counter that counts the number of passes and fails for each skill. This counter is reset at the beginning of each school year. Older results will not be included in the counter, but you can still see older results on the 'exercise results' page and in the student's timeline.

When there appears to be a discrepancy in an exported results file, this may be because exercises that are performed multiple times are only included once in the export file. Opotionally, the highest, lowest, first, last or average result can be used.