The classroom lessons

Prepare the lesson

1. Read the story. You read the story of the unit you are going to work with in class. The teaching materials in the first unit of each level (e.g. Explorers, Unit 1) include a download called The Explorer Story. Here you can quickly see what is happening in each unit. If you want to know which themes and grammar topics are discussed per unit, view “Themes and grammar“.

2. Choose the activities you want to do. Download the Activity sheets of the relevant unit. Although we recommend using English in class, the Activity sheets for the Pre-A1 levels are also available in Dutch.

The lesson plans usually refer to a resource:

SB: Smartboard (you can find this in the learning environment under Digiboard materials)

 P: Printables (you can find this after the lesson plans)

Watch th video about teaching a lesson.

Teaching the lesson

When the students have completed at least 50% of the unit,  give the first trial lesson. After the students have practiced online, they enter the classroom well prepared. In the lesson, the emphasis is on being actively working on English. The included lesson plans and smartboard resources provide inspiration for interactive lessons, role plays and group assignments. Make sure the students are actively working in English and be creative!