My students can't do the speaking exercises.

No microphones available

If your students cannot do the speaking exercises because no microphones are available, you can make the speaking exercises  optional.  You can do this as follows:

1. Go to 'Course settings'  page

2. Deselect 'Speaking exercises are mandatory'.

3. Check whether all other settings are correct

4. Select the classes for which you want to change the setting and click 'Submit'.

The students will still see the speaking exercises in their overview, but they will be purple instead of blue They do not have to do the exercises to take the unit test.

NB. If students skip speaking exercises even though they are mandatory ,they may no longer be able to complete new exercises. Even if you have adjusted the setting, these students might not get new exercises immediately. They can then repeat an  exercise they have already completed, after which new exercises will become available.

Microphones don't work

If microphones are available, but the speaking exercises still do not work, please check if our website has permission to use the microphone. More information can be found here.