My students can't do the speaking exercises.

No microphones available

If your students cannot do the speaking exercises because no microphones are available, you can change the settings so that the speaking exercises are optional. Go to 'Course settings' and untick 'Speaking exercises are mandatory'.

Students will still see the speaking exercises in their timeline, but they will be purple instead of blue and students don't need to complete them in order to be allowed to take the unit test.

NB. If students skip speaking exercises when these are compulsory, they will eventually run out of exercises. When you change speaking exercises to optional, these students might not get new exercises immediately. They might need to redo one exercise they have already completed. After that, new exercises will become available.

Microphones don't work

If microphones are available, but the speaking exercises still do not work, please check if our website has permission to use the microphone. If you don't know how to do this, you can find a manual here.