New Student Pages

New learning environment for pupils and students

The learning environment of the pupils and students has been renovated. We list the biggest differences below.


We also have two new functions available for teachers: watching the students live and recording the time worked by each student in the class overview.




Student Pages

The top image shows the current environment of the students. The second image is the new environment where the interface matches the new teacher pages. In addition, students can see at a glance how they are doing. If they want more specific information, they can click on, for example, 'score' or 'medals'.


An important addition is the 'weekly goal'. As the bar progresses, so does the goal. Above it is shown the number of estimated minutes remaining. When the student clicks on the 'weekly goal', they will see the same graph as you see with a student's smart goal. This applies to all programs except Essentials.


After the students know what they are doing and what is expected of them, they can get started right away!


The method of logging in does not change.




Watch live

Especially now that students often work from home, it is useful to be able to watch live with the students. Click on 'live' in the sidebar within a class and immediately see which exercise the student is working on and when they were last online.




Time worked in the class overview

Simply want to see how long the students have been working on Holmwood's this week? This is possible with the new column 'Time' that we have added to 'class results'. This column saves a lot of clicks and immediately shows how many minutes the student has already practiced this week.