Within our online learning environment of Tweens and Tracks it is now also possible to have the speaking exercises assessed automatically. No extra actions, but more insight. Read here how it is!

Automatic rating

How good is the students' pronunciation? Our system assesses the speaking exercises for intelligibility (pronunciation) and the fluency of the sentences. After completing an exercise, the students immediately see their score. The speaking exercises form an integrated whole with all other skills in our online learning line.

The automatic assessment does not require any additional actions from you as teachers and tutors. It does give more insight into the speaking skills of each student. For example, a student's scorecard now provides a complete overview of the performance on all skills. As before, you can always listen to the speaking exercise in detail and literally hear what a student has recorded, if necessary.


Increase speaking courage

The intention of the speaking exercises is to prepare for the classroom lessons and to let words and sentences become ingrained. During the classroom lessons, the students do a lot of talking and with the help of the exercises we try to help them to increase their speaking courage. In the classroom lesson they do not pronounce the sentences for the first time, but they have already prepared them online.

Now that the speaking exercises can be automatically graded, students will become even better at their pronunciation. This improvement will increase both self-confidence and the ability to speak.

Have fun speaking English!