Automatic corrected Speaking exercises

With this feature, the speaking exercises are automatically graded by our system.

This means that everything the student speaks  is assessed for  pronunciation ( intelligibility) and fluency (fluent speech).

The students will see their score immediately after the exercise.

What is changing?

The advantage of this function is that previously the teacher had to listen to the speaking exercises to assess what the student spoke,  but now the system does that for you.

This saves time and the student gets immediate feedback. As a teacher, the possibility to listen back to the pronunciation remains.

Why are the speaking exercises so important?

Speaking is an essential part of our learning path, in which we base, among other things, on 'integrated learning'.

By speaking the courage to speak increases and the words from the unit are discussed again, which contributes to learning the new words.

This function is only possible within Tracks and Tweens.


Speaking exercises mandatory or optional?

In case of technical problems, you can ( temporarily) choose to make the speaking exercises optional. You can set this per class via the course settings ( not per student)