I want to import a student list

Create an import list

If your school has an electronic student management system, it is probable that it has an export function. Ask the administrator to provide you with an export with the following fields.

  • Student School Number or School ID
  • First Name
  • Other Name
  • Last Name
  • Class
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Location


  • The fields in bold letters are compulsory. You will not be able to add the students unless these fields are completed.
  • Please do not put First Name and Last Name in one field. It will not work!
  • Each email address must be unique. Email addresses are used as usernames and to inform students of deadlines set by teachers. They are not passed on to third parties. Please see Holmwood’s privacy policy.
  • You may add a unique synchronization number. This is used when students change from one school to another. If you want to use synchronization numbers, please contact
  • All classes entered in the import file will be created automatically by the system.
  • All locations entered in the import file will be created automatically by the system
  • If you do not add a password, a password will be automatically created.
  • Do not leave empty lines between entries.

If you do not have an electronic management system and only have a small school, it is advisable to create your own Excel list with the details as given above. This document remains a handy record of students’ usernames and passwords.

File type

The list should be saved as .xlsx, .xls or .csv. You can download a format list here.

Need help?

If you need help with importing a student list, please send your student list to and we will import it for you. Of course, we will handle your student details with care and never share them with third parties.