New Schoolyear - PO

New Teachers:

Will new teachers start using the method? Then read the help topic: New teachers.

Create students:

Read the general instruction about creating student accounts.

ParnasSys (existing link)

When the link between ParnasSys and Holmwood's is active, student data (incl. class) is automatically updated. This happens at 3 times a week, namely (at night) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When the course years change, a manual action is required for the group of 8 students. The students who leave the school are not automatically removed.

In short, when (around August 1) the new group division in the Parnasys is made, new students will be added to group 8, while the 'old' group 8 students are also still in that group. 

To unlink and/or remove the old students, proceed as follows:

1. Check within ParnasSys whether the 'new' group division has already been made.

2. Go to Holmwoods and 'rename' the group(s) 8 (eg old group8). This can be done via School management > Classes > Add prefix to class name.

3. Unlink the group(s) 'old-groep8' from the subscription.

4. After the next 'update' from ParnasSys (see moments), Holmwoods will create the group(s) 8 based on the ParnasSys synchronization (with the class name from ParnasSys) and in that group(s) there are the current (correct) group 8 students. The 'old' group 8 students have not been updated by ParnasSys, so they remain in “old group 8”.

5. Link the 'new' group(s) 8 to the subscription.

6. Remove the 'old' group 8 and 'old ' group 8 students via School management > Classes.