New school year - VO

Which way suits your situation?
If you buy the licenses directly from Holmwood's, choose the explanation of reading in via excel or csv list.
If you purchased the licenses through a school supplier (TLN/Van Dijk, Iddink, Osinga de Jong).
Reading in students via excel or csv list
When you create/update the student accounts using an excel or csv list, it is important to do the following when changing course years.
NB. In this explanation we assume that you already have student accounts in our system. If you are importing students for the first time, step 1 is not necessary.
  1. Voordat je de nieuwe leerlingenlijst inleest pas je de namen van alle klassen aan. Om dit eenvoudig te doen voor alle klassen hebben wij hiervoor een handige functie gemaakt.
    Ga hiervoor via Beheer > klassen > voeg voorvoegsel toe aan de klasnaam (rechts in het menu, zie afbeelding)
  2. Ga naar Leerlingen > Importeer een leerlinglijst om de nieuwe lijst in te lezen. Zet bij het inlezen, de optie “Verwijder gebruikers uit hun huidige klas(sen) als ze al bestaan” aan.
    Leerlingen die reeds in ons systeem staan worden uit de ‘oude’ klas gehaald en naar de nieuwe klas gezet, conform de klasnaam in de  nieuwe lijst.
    Leerlingen die nog geen account hebben worden als student aangemaakt.
  3. Na het inlezen ontkoppel je de oude klassen van het abonnement en koppel je de nieuwe klassen. 


When matching existing students, our system checks in 2 fields (in this order):
Student number
If the email address in the list matches an existing account, the student account will be updated (eg New class). If the e-mail address is different, but the student number matches, our system will consider that as the 'same' student and an update will take place. In all other cases a new account will be created.
Tip: Also read the general information about reading student lists.

Log in via the Edu/ECK route

When you have ordered Holmwood's licenses through a school supplier (Van Dijk / TLN, Iddink, OsingaDejong) we will deliver the licenses online via the Edu/ECK route. We do this in collaboration with our technical partner The students MUST access our learning platform via the VLE the FIRST TIME. Then the ordered licenses are checked. The students click on the "Holmwood's link" within the VLE to log in to our learning environment).

What do you have to do?

1. Sign ARP and the processing agreement

Sign the ARP of and send it to us.
Holmwood's is a member of the Education Privacy Covenant. Sign the processing agreement.

2. Activate the Holmwood's articles in the ELO (ICT department / ELO administrator)

Whether you need to do this step depends on whether your school has an External Book Fund (EBF) or Internal Book Fund (IBF).
In the ELO you have a catalog with articles that are known in the Edu/ECK chain. Make Holmwoods available to the appropriate class (in the IBF way).

3a. Create the classes (Holmwood's administrator*1)

To ensure that the students end up in the correct classes, create the classes in the Holmwood's administration environment before the students log in. If you also used Holmwood's in the past year, there is a good chance that the class names will remain (largely) the same. Add a new class (name) if necessary.
Also link the classes to (1) the subscription (via School management > Subscriptions) and (2) to the relevant teachers (via Administration > Classes).

3b. Disconnect existing students

If you also used Holmwood's in the past school year, all (existing) students are already linked to a class. To ensure that they are linked to the correct (new) class at the start of the new school year, we recommend that all students be unlinked from their current class.

4. Create the class code (administrator)

Usually (via the eduroute/Kennisnet) the class comes along (when the student logs in), but sometimes not. If not: Create a class code for each class that the teacher gives to the students. This puts the students in the right class. The class code always has the same format; “H-” followed by 6 numbers/letters (eg H-9S9WUU).

5. Check/adjust course settings (administrator/teacher)

We recommend that you set the course settings before the first student logs in. Then the student can start immediately when he logs in.
*1) Administrator or teacher? Within Holmwood's we have 2 other roles in addition to the 'student role'; Administrator and Teacher.
Each school has at least 1 administrator, but you can also have several administrators, e.g. an IT specialist/application manager who mainly arranges the technical matters and the section leader who often mainly arranges the 'educational matters'. The role “teacher” speaks for itself.

Need support?

If you are not sure about the steps above or if you want to make sure everything is 'right', please don't hesitate to contact us.
If a student is unable to get to (3) Holmwoods from the (1) ELO via (2), then do the following:
Problem at ELO (e.g. no link to Holmwood's)? Ask your own application manager / resource coordinator.
Problem with logging in/filling in the fields, contact
Problem regarding the Holmwoods learning environment, contact Holmwood's.

How does it work for you as a student?

1. Start from your VLE (Magister, Sum, etc.)

Login to your ELO and click on the Holmwood's link. If you do not see a link, or if you cannot reach the 'enter screens' of (see point 2), ask your teacher or ICT administrator for help.

2. Complete the fields

After clicking on the link in the ELO you will see the following screens with entry fields (enter your school email and first and last name):

3. Validate your e-mail address

After filling in the above fields, you will receive a message from in your mailbox. Click on the link in that email. Don't see an email? Check your spam box. You will then be 'redirected' to the Holmwood's learning environment. If you have any questions or need help with step 2 or 3, please contact When you get the following screen after step 3, you can the hit. If you don't see this, read on below the screenshot.

2 possibilities:

A. Because we do not always receive your class data, we (sometimes) ask for a class code. Ask your teacher for this code, enter it and click on "verify". The class code always has the same format; “H-” followed by 6 numbers/letters (eg H-9S9WUU).
After entering your class code, check the school and class and click on “Log in”.
B. You get the message "There are no courses assigned to your class. Ask your teacher." then you are linked to a class, but the class must still be linked to a subscription. The teacher/school administrator can arrange this for you.
Sometimes you have to refresh your screen or log again and then you can "Get started".
Good luck with learning!