Tracks with features

Within the method “Tracks: 4 tracks are available, see overview below.
The following applies to all tracks:
Levels: Beginners (Pre-A1) to B2
Number of units per level: 12
Average (online) practice time per unit: 2 hours
Track names Central
Piccadilly (binnenkort beschikbaar)
Victoria (voorheen Jubilee)
Pre-A1 levels Extensive Compact Compact Compact
Vocab 50 words per unit 50 words per unit 75 words per unit 100 words per unit
Reading Short texts Short texts Extensive reading Extensive academic reading
Listening Short videos / Vlogs Short videos / Vlogs Short videos / Vlogs Long videos
Grammar Short and simple lessons Short and simple lessons Comprehensive lessons Comprehensive lessons

The Central Tracks is set as 'default'. Circle is almost identical to Central except that the Pre-A1 levels in Circle are very compact (approximately 25% of the levels in Central).

For more information about setting up Tracks, see the help topic course settings.